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07:22pm 28/06/2012
mood: weird

White Paper:

1 x RF002: Intention to Submit Paper work @ 2 pages = 2 pages
1 x Summary for Inclusion with RF002 @ 1 page = 1 page
3 x Thesis @ 165 pages each = 495 pages
1 x Summary for Inclusion with Thesis @ 1 page = 1 page
1 x Receipt for Thesis @ 1 page = 1 page

Pink Paper:
1 x Copy of Receipt for Thesis @ 1 page = 1 page

500 pages of white paper
1 piece of pink paper

This is how much paper it takes to hand in my Thesis.

Aka: I have submitted!!!

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Feminism, innit   
10:22pm 27/06/2012
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12:35pm 27/06/2012
mood: Apprehensious

The thesis, or these since there's 3 copies of it, are at the binders. 

I must now wait 24 hours. Eeek

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Let's Share!    
05:56pm 26/06/2012
mood: Sharing
This is a poet called Luke Roberts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hOhTlhcjxI&list=UUkWkGGvS1OW4ciXfY6Lruhg&index=7&feature=plcp
He is ready a poem called False Flags and you should give it a listen. Good poem, good reading.

He does tuck his shirt into his trousers and that disturbs me slightly, but this isn't a review.

This is music by a man called Matthew Shaw: http://blackestrainbowrecords.bandcamp.com/album/there-was-never-a-time-when-your-life-was-not-now-nor-will-there-ever-be
it's very very good and relaxing.
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Album Titles   
04:38pm 26/06/2012
mood: optimistic

Hey Children:

I wondered if any of you have any album titles? There's always a shortage of good album titles and I knew you lot might have some good ones up your sleeves? Best one wins a jaffa cake!

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discussion about my mixing/editing of some zero map stuffage   
03:46pm 26/06/2012
mood: thoughtful
Chloe banging a gong
I played concertina
it sounds like real music
like some prog band "doing" a quirky ambient song
i love that term
and you're waiting for the sax solo or for the cheesy chorus and it never comes
and then there's a sad face
but then the sad face goes away because this is awesome sounding shizzle
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11:38am 26/06/2012
  Spell check wants to change Samuel Beckett to Samuel Bucket. I almost want to let it.
This is for the epigraph:

To find a form that accommodates the
mess, that is the task of the artist

Samuel Beckett

for Chapter 4
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My World:   
04:16pm 25/06/2012
mood: bouncy
My world consists of CHLOE (who will become my wife/I will become hers on saturday)
and Bettie, our cat (I'll post a picture when I remember how to).
Am actually about to finish a doctorate in maths.

I make drone music solo (http://disillusiondotdotdot.bandcamp.com/),
hostile-chillout with Chloe in The Zero Map( www.thezeromap.wordpress.com ),
torture poetry with Verity in Binnsclagg ( http://soundcloud.com/binnsclagg ),
and I occasionally join the A band for improv sillyness (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Band )

and my poetry here: http://karlwaugh.wordpress.com/

other non-documented music involves: Pectins, Chemical Bbrench, Bemused Abused & rSymantic.
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Verity Reading a Poem   
02:43pm 25/06/2012
  This is Verity reading a poem:
She is good.
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10:13am 05/01/2009
  (this is gonna be the classic first line of every month entry, yet i already know it's gonna be weak because i've not updated nearly enough, so here goes:)

January: i havent updated in a while.

February: Lately i've been listening to cLOUDDEAD's first album, Mates Of State- My Solo Project,

March: there's something depressing about walking to the shops, buying a load of food for one person, and carrying it home to your flat on your own....

April: exam period

May: The following is an extract from the synopsis of a book, (Life, a users manual) as given by wikipedia. Yet I am still totally and utterly


July: I've been criminally bad at updating of late.

August: wow. i really keep forgetting to use this thing, get dragged into stuff like facebook and myspace, which is all a bit rubbish really.

September: do you ever have those arguements with loved ones where it gets to a point where you can't cope anymore and you just feel like


November: i saw the fall



In other news it's the new year,
I'm on a Maths Phd, so this year I need to work on that.
I really want to get a band together, like one that plays live, cause I've had/got studio projects but I want to be able to scream IN-FRONT of people.
I have been painting a lot and that is fun.

That's all really...
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10:13am 03/11/2008
  i saw the fall
it was interesting
the band was guitar,bass,drum, keys but the keyboard girl was dressed up to look like the token "japanese keyboard player" but she wasn't japanese... the bass and drummer looked kinda from a late-90s metal band, the guitarist stood right at the front looking scared of mark-e-smith.

and then there was mark e smith, looking like a geriatric man lost wondering around the stage. the vocals weren't that audible (they got louder through the set) and i didn't recognise one song (despite having a number of their albums)... it was very strange and totally brilliant....

the girl sang a song in the middle while mark e smith wandered around the stage.
and for the 1st and last song of the main set a different singer came on and sang them instead of mark e smith (although for the last song it sounded more like the fall than it did with mark e smith singing....)

and we even got an encore (2 short tracks)

plus it was in hove town hall which is a horrible 1970s building that really shouldnt hold gigs...
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01:29pm 08/09/2008
  do you ever have those arguements with loved ones where it gets to a point where you can't cope anymore and you just feel like melting away or punching the wall or tearing your hair out or rocking back and forth. Or do all of the above.

And you thought you grew out of that years ago.

But maybe you're not as mature as you keep feeling,
or just have mental issues.
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03:51pm 25/08/2008
  wow. i really keep forgetting to use this thing, get dragged into stuff like facebook and myspace, which is all a bit rubbish really.

editted together two A band albums. they sound good.

looking for work/ place to live (with chloe)... gonna be great to have our own place.

am listening to Buck 65 - secret house against the world,
such a great album.

am hungover at the moment, drank alot of tequilla and gin last night at adam's party thing, also seemingly drank alot of chlorine as i keep burping chlorine taste.

start my masters in october, which will be fun.

that is all...
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09:47am 15/07/2008
  I've been criminally bad at updating of late.
so main points:

Finished all my exams at the begining of June.
Got my results in the middle of June.
Overall I got a 1st.
And an average this year of 88% (lowest mark 72%, highest mark 99%)

John and I finally areed that we'd finished We Do What You Say. Our hard-hitting plaintive and psychedelic hip hop record.

I've moved back to Brighton and am staying here, for the forseeable future anyhow.

Did A Band stuff at the weekend (just gone)

On Friday went to Newcastle and played as "Ankle Biter"
it was just Stewart Keith, Myself and Michael Gillam, and it was Brilliant, noisy, chaotic.... and I broke Barbara's head off (that's my guitar) and that was sad.

We wer supporting Kikuri, which is Merzbow and Keiji Haino. They were cool, just a wash of noise, but the soundchecked for 2 hours.

And to add to my rock-n-roll-ness (as if breakin my guitar wasn't enough) they put us up in a hotel.

Next day Stewart and Myself travelled down from Newcastle to Peterborough, whereapon we recorded loads of material At Andrea's Abode. There was:
Neil Lent, Stewart Keith, Andrea Fletcher, Megan Fletcher-Cutts, Rafe Ozimek, Sharen Woodward, Karl M V Waugh, Jasper Harding, Tash Monterisi-Ozimek

Although not all of us were participating at any one point. And Rafe was only 3 years old and Jasper was only 7 months old... but that doesn't stop anyone.

and then on sunday, after a couple more tracks were recorded, I had to head home.

So an overall massive mission of travelling. but a throughly great time.

Ive basically slept the last 2 days....

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01:00pm 12/05/2008
one more exam down.
Number theory.
Went really rather well.

My pc is playing up a bit-
didnt want to start up- had to take a back route in via opening and closing programs! eek...


Spent the weekend with chloe- and her GTA 4 on playstation 3. Which is fun!!!

Now gotta get on with revision for next week.... yipeee....

Not alot else to report so ill stop

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05:41am 08/05/2008
  Saw Mortalitech (george's band) last week.
They were fantastic heavy industrial noise.
Their live show was... well it just was.
Certainly something to see, don't ask me if it's entertaining though.

First exam.
was horrible.
As in it was completely different to the past papers.
And i think he was planning to be nice, but it didn't come across like that.
So afterwards we went for a pint.
And somehow Tymek and I stayed in the pub til closing time, which was never meant to happen but was rather enjoyable.

So I was hungover today.
Then went to johns and finished the album.
Came home, went to sleep.

And now i've woken up in the middle of the night with a horrible pain in my head, i keep getting a dry throat and a blocked nose and i feel STRANGE AS FUCK!

I'll be alright (I hope), but its just annoying as fuck.

In other news everything with Chloe is fantastic, I just can't wait to finish off here and move in with her. :)
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09:07pm 02/05/2008
  The following is an extract from the synopsis of a book, (Life, a users manual) as given by wikipedia. Yet I am still totally and utterly amazed by it- plus the book as a weird structure as well (read the rest of the article) but yeah-

Between World War I and II, a tremendously wealthy Englishman, Bartlebooth devises a plan that will both occupy the remainder of his life and spend his entire fortune. First, he spends 10 years learning to paint watercolors under the tutelage of Valene, who also becomes a resident of 11 Rue Simon-Crubellier. Then, he embarks on a 20-year trip around the world with his loyal servant Smautf (also a resident of 11 Rue Simon-Crubellier), painting a watercolor of a different port roughly every two weeks for a total of 500 watercolors.

Bartlebooth then sends each painting back to France, where the paper is glued to a support board, and a carefully selected craftsman named Gaspard Winckler (also a resident of 11 Rue Simon-Crubellier) cuts it into a jigsaw puzzle. Upon his return, Bartlebooth spends his time solving each jigsaw, re-creating the scene.

Each finished puzzle is treated to re-bind the paper with a special solution invented by Georges Morellet, another resident of 11 Rue Simon-Crubellier. After the solution is applied, the wooden support is removed, and the painting is sent to the port where it was painted. Exactly 20 years to the day after it was painted, the painting is placed in the seawater until the colors dissolve, and the paper, blank except for the faint marks where it was cut and re-joined, is returned to Bartlebooth.

Ultimately, there would be nothing to show for 50 years of work: the project would leave absolutely no mark on the world. Unfortunately for Bartlebooth, Winckler's puzzles become increasingly difficult and Bartlebooth himself becomes blind. A crazed art fanatic also intervenes in an attempt to stop Bartlebooth from destroying his art. By 1975, Bartlebooth is 16 months behind in his plans, and he dies while working on his 439th puzzle.

How good does that sound???

the rest is here:
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11:57pm 25/04/2008
  exam period
well they haven't started yet but its the count down.

been listening to the bedlam in goliath- is a fantastic album...

john and i should/could/might have finished our album "we do what you say"
13 tracks
looking good....

not to say it hasnt been hard-work and a little battle between ourselves

otherwise im alright i spose
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09:41pm 07/03/2008
  I feel happy.
I have a great girlfriend, I do a degree in pure mathematics, a subject i love, and i'm doing well in it. and i live in london, and i can only name 3 places i've been that are cooler than london, namely brighton, amsterdamn and sydney. if i lived in amsterdamn i'd be too fucked too often- sydney is too far away from friends/family and i'm moving back to brighton soon anyhow so yeah.

I went for a walk through the backstreets of bethnal green and all this occured to me.
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07:30pm 04/03/2008
  there's something depressing about walking to the shops, buying a load of food for one person, and carrying it home to your flat on your own....  
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