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Karlos Fandangos Realm Of The Odd

A Lost And Lonley Depressed And Suicidal Carrot Am I

Karlos Fandango F'Tang F'Tang Olle Biscuit Barrell
18 January
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- decode to find the answer....

I am 597876 of
The First Continental Sonic Front Of America
The First Electric Church Of America

I know this is cliched but here goes:

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User Number: 1099298
Date Created:2003-06-05
Number of Posts: 302

Karlos Fandango F'Tang F'Tang Olle Biscuit Barrel was born orbitting Jupiter. He Rocks! Like A Motherfucker! "I Know I'm Going To Lose, And Gambelling's For Fools, But That's The Way I Like It Baby, I Don't Wanna Live Forever- And Don't Forget The Joker!!"
Strengths: Music, Insanity
Weaknesses: Fragile, Emotional
Special Skills: Actual Lunatic, Space-Age Monkey
Weapons: 12 String Guitars And Cry Baby Wah Wah
Super Space Age Legion: The Men And Mice That Made Mars What It Is Tomorrow!!

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